Twin Homes, Different Finishes

Tanin Group for our latest duplex had the unique challenge of completing a twin home with vastly different finishes based on the owners. While Unit A opted for our standard finishes, Unit B had its own design style and wanted to bring in its own. The results on both are stunning, scroll to see the differences!


The changes begin on the facade. Tanin Group always likes to create unique facades for our homes in order to give each its own character and avoid the mirrored look many duplexes in the area have. On this, both owners opted for an upgraded stone facade and each picked a different shade that both complemented one another.


Each side had a distinct style in the kithen. Unit A had our standard medium brown, with Calacatta Quartz Countertop while Unit B opted for a lighter wood grain turned horizontally with a gray quartz countertop. They also opted for a vent hood while Unit A requested a double oven with a microwave hood. The pendants also reflected the overall style of the homes, while Unit A’s is light and delicate, Unit B’s is more industrious, going with the slim handles and farmhouse sink.

Master Bath

The style differences continued in the bathroom. Unit A’s bathroom featured more classic elegance with the Calacatta Marble look on the floor and countertop, while Unit B’s more industrious, minimal look came through in the floating shelf sink and black finishes. they had similar shower tile styles with textured porcelain.

Other Baths

Unit A’s other baths featured a hexagonal shower floor and custom cabinet system with calacatta quartz countertops while Unit B’s featured floating, minimal vanities with textured wall tile.

Both homes have similar pool areas, rooftops, and other spaces that will reflect their individual styles as they furnish and decorate. We like to make our homes have a unique style, while still being a blank slate for homeowners to make their own, and we were happy to be challenged on this specific project.

Check out Coral Gables’ Newest Salon!

Tanin Group designed and led the build out of a brand new Salon in Coral Gables from a vanilla shell space.

Space was delivered fresh, with a broom finish concrete floor, drywall, and open ceiling. Client wanted to create space for 4 stylists, and a private suite with an industrial, clean look. The space has ~615 sf.

The design was simple, and used the existing bathroom to create a multi-purpose wall alongside it that would create the private room, space for the plumbing for the washbasin, and privacy for the back of house area. This allows for a clean wall on the left side for a repetitive station design.

Salon stations are each equipped with a dedicated quad outlet, decorative sconce, styling chair, mirror from West Elm, set of drawers, and open shelves. They are spaced generously for use.

A polish and stain on the broom finish concrete gives it a finished industrial look. The polish shows the aggregates in the concrete as specs on the floor highlighted by the dark stain. The floor is durable for the foot traffic and use for the salon.

At the entry, we added a neon sign for those that wanted to take pictures with their new haircuts. Two washbasins with a towel cabinet were added to have adequate capacity for clients. We created a cabinet and sink in the back for mixing colors and chemicals for hair. Next to it is a washer/dryer for towels. The client added a SMEG refrigerator for a touch of retro style.

House of Downing is a stylist owned salon experience in Coral Gables. Its owners are skilled in hair styling, cuts, colors, and treatments. You can find them on instagram as @bryanatwork, and @la_studiosalon.

Architect: DesignSpaec

Commercial Realtor: Future Vision Studios

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