Legalization Services

Cities are getting tougher and tougher on un-permitted extensions, terraces, and renovations, even if you were not the owner to construct them.

We have experience navigating the difficult plan, review, construction, and inspection process

Free Consultation

Take advantage of our free walkthrough and consultation. We will review the city records and compare them to your home to see how large the scope of work will be for your project.

Permit Documents

We will oversee the construction documents and permitting phase for structural, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning drawings. We will also bring in engineers to certify as-built drawings to keep the structures in place with minimal changes.


We will try to be as minimally invasive and as cost effective as possible in updating your electrical, air conditioning, and structure to meet today’s code. We will conduct the necessary inspections to help you zero out any citations that you may have!

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